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LTL shipping solutions that drive value every step of the way through competitive pricing, online tracking, and flexible shipping options.

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Ship Less Than Truckload in a competitive, flexible way.

Tap into Less Than Truckload solutions that adapt to your needs while adding value to your supply chain. 

LFS will provide the versatility your business deserves by crafting tailored-made freight shipping solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations, all the way from small package to LTL, Volume LTL and Partial Truckload.

Whether you need to ship a small box, a few pallets, or several of them, with LFS you can maximize your efficiency and savings.

LTL LFS 2 technology pc Visibility & traceability

Forget about the days you went back and forth trying to determine the most competitive way to ship your freight. If you have a certain amount of freight that won’t take up all the space in a truck but you’re unsure whether it should be shipped through LTL or FTL, you can answer that question in just a matter of seconds through our Digital Freight Technology, given that it combines LTL and FTL capacity, to guarantee that you will get the most competitive market rates for LTL, Partial and Full Truckload shipping.

LTL LFS 1 Visibility & traceability

With LFS, you can ship your freight instantly anywhere in the United States, with great capacity, competitiveness and door-to-door services.

LTL LFS 3 technology pc Visibility & traceability

Ship your freight between the United States, Canada and Mexico through the main ports, including Detroit, Laredo and El Paso, and get visibility and proactive follow-up throughout the whole process. LFS has an excellent team of bilingual experts, with specialized knowledge on cross-border shipping, always ready to help you.

LTL LFS 4 technology pc Visibility & traceability

Our Digital Freight technology provides live quotes, booking, and tracking with complete visibility and tracebility throughout the whole shipping process, providing live updates and notifications so you are always informed about the latest status of yout loads.