Here at LFS, we understand the difference between being a supplier and becoming a strategic partner. Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed our customers' needs through excellent service experiences, innovative solutions, and highly competitive rates. With service offerings across North America, we will be an ideal fit for your company's logistical obligations.

We are focused on assisting shippers, exporters, importers, cargo agents, and individuals all over the world. We are constantly investing in technology, and highly trained market professionals to provide the best possible service on every shipment, and to every customer.

Brain LFS - Freight shipping solutions in the US, Canada and Mexico.


Service has to be great. Versatility is a must. Period. LFS is strongly committed to delivering timely, personalized service to every customer, as a guarantee of the company’s adaptability to special requirements and challenges. We believe attention to detail and tailor-made solutions can turn your strategies into meaningful business success.


Isn't it amazing that the same company can help you haul anything from a single package to a full truckload of freight? LFS has built strong and lasting relationships with top carriers to ensure our customers' freight is always in the best hands. This wide variety of carriers includes airlines, intermodal/rail carriers, container yards, cross border specialists, and many other key players across the US, Canada, and Mexico. This helps consolidate all of your logistical needs into a one-stop-shop!


Amidst an ever-moving industry, digitization is a tool aimed at providing visibility and traceability to provide ease to our customers. LFS balances the sharpness of technology with a thorough understanding of supply chain. By doing so we can offer well-developed, customer-facing technological platforms to have everything readily available at your fingertips.

Handled by humans

Brilliant ideas have the power to move the world. We believe our expertise and knowledge are the power behind our most important asset: great human beings. LFS teamwork has become a trademark that allows us to ensure it is more than just business… it’s humans interacting with humans, providing you value and unmatched support in every transaction.

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